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Sports camps are typically offered in the morning, from 9:00 to 12:00. The Chess Minds camp is offered in the afternoon (12:30-3:30).


Tennis Camp

Ages 5 and up

In this half-day camp the students start the day with warm-up exercises followed by level-appropriate training: eye-hand coordination, balance, footwork, grip, and strokes.  Students must bring their own racket.


Basketball Camp

Ages 7 and up

The number of skills involved in playing basketball make this sport a fascinating and challenging one. For three hours, every day, our campers will work on developing these skills to become not only better team players but also complete athletes. They will be coached to give their best and RISE.



Ages 5 and up

The philosophy of the summer camp sport’s program is to encourage your child’s relationship with sports in a manner he/she encounters a positive and fun learning experience becoming a game’s performer while integrating the importance of team work, communication and sportsmanship.    Activities include: Hockey, Soccer, Kick Ball, T-ball and Dodge Ball.


The Chess Minds

Ages 5 and up

From basic moves to complex tactics and strategies, there will be plenty to learn in these exciting chess camps, led by ChessTempo.

While learning tactics and strategies, our campers will develop skills such as critical thinking and concentration and enhance their mental discipline. Each session will include outside of the box puzzles proven to be excellent in developing children’s minds. All levels are welcome!


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