Art Camps

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All of our art camps are half-day camps that are offered either in the morning (9-12) or in the afternoon (12:30-3:30).

Tuition: $180 per week


Ages 3-4

Artistes en Herbe

Artistes en Herbe (budding artists) is an arts and crafts workshop entirely conducted in French. This will enable your little ones to keep working on their language skills while engaging in definitely fun and creative artistic experiences. This workshop is more appropriate for children who already speak some French.


Ages 5-6


This is a half-day workshop in which our campers will explore various techniques and the fascinating world of colors. They will use their creative minds to produce little masterpieces. This workshop will be conducted in English.


Ages 7-10

Clay Daze

Clay is a fascinating material. Our campers’ eyes always shine when they squeeze, pound and mold a piece of clay. Using their creativity and different techniques of hand-building, they will learn to produce objects that they will be proud to lend for on-campus exhibits.


The Magic Brush

In this mixed media art camp, our campers will use a combination of digital art and classical painting and drawing techniques to express their ideas and produce unique pieces.


In Tune

A keyboard, a couple of percussions and a sense of creativity. This is all it will take our young campers to explore the magic world of music, learn to enjoy different styles and even create short pieces.


Ages 7 and up

Summer- Sculpting!

This class is for kids that love art. Throughout the course different mediums will be explored including but not limited to Styrofoam, plaster bandage, drawing, painting, and mixed media while creating sculptures. Our campers will also learn about artists that relate to these mediums, reflect on their own art, and the artwork of others in this exciting workshop!


Ages 11-13

The Digital Artist

In these one-week workshops, our Digital Artists will have the opportunity to learn about the basics of photo editing and visual production, explore and experiment to acquire the skills necessary to create compelling images of their own, master their computer skills and develop problem solving strategies.

Encouraged to work at her/his own pace, each participant will learn that color adjusting, creating multi-layer collages, and transforming photos can be as fun and engaging as any video game.


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